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Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 weeks and counting! BREAKING DAWN P1~!!

Breaking Dawn P1 is only 3 Weeks away!

Im sitting here at my computer thrumming through every bit of research I can pile on Pure Twilight and a thought occurs to me...ARE WE REALLY ONLY 3 WEEKS AWAY from seeing this movie?!! It seems like only a few months ago we were begging and pleading for Breaking Dawn P1 to be here, and its so close now that the fans can almost taste it! I guess as the Cullen's would say, "its a burning thirst that as a newborn, you cannot control". I agree with that too, and I dont wanna control my thirst (excitment) to see this movie! From new songs on the soundtrack to new stills and clips, Breaking Dawn P1 has me bouncing on my tippy toes like a 17 yr old teenager and I am in love all over again! And the clip below that was just released makes my hairs stand straight up on the back of my neck!
The cake at the wedding is also a BEAUTY! And why wouldnt it be?! After all, Alice did plan the wedding, and when I say plan, I mean she did the entire thing:) GO ALICE!!
(Wonder what Bella is consuming here?...)
Behind the scenes footage has been a HUGE deal with this movie and Im excited to be able to share the pics with all of you guys too! (Dont forget you can always go to Pure Twilight's FB page for more info!)

Speaking of Breaking Dawn P1, check out this brand new footage as well from the BRUSSELS Fan Event! Breaking Dawn P1 New Footage! 
This Breaks down Twilight like none other! YAY!!


Love Angie
From Pure Twilight~!


  1. Me! Me! ME! I am so ready tooo!!!! =0)

  2. Oh ME TOO!! I can not wait!!!!!!! HURRY Up!!! At least we have 3 weeks of Twilight Saga movies once a week to keep us from our raging thirst! lol