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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Got my Contacts for FORKS and other Twilight Stuff to talk about!

Hi guys! Getting a few last minute things ready for Forks and I check the mail and Voila'!! My honey colored contacts came in the mail! I can now vamp it up in FORKS! The picture doesnt do these contacts justice, they almost appear to be darker in the photo, but when I looked into the mirror they almost glowed! I am so excited to wear them and the red cape for the St. Marcus Day celebration for Stephenie Meyer Day!

Anyhoo,  life is great and I cannot believe that we only have around 2 1/2 mos left until Breaking Dawn P1 makes its way into theatres and our hearts EVERYWHERE! I am so excited to see Bella pregnant, and Edward for once in his existence truly at an impasse, just a wreck! Not that I want Edward to feel bad, but I think to see his character as he was in the book while Bella is dying, will make him seem more 'once human' than he's ever been before. Its Bella's turn to step up and be the hero of the story! Last but oh so certainly not least: Rose and Jacob's banter, Renee's exuberance for the wedding, and Bella and Jacob's dance are just some of the many things I am stoked for! In my playlist are a few Official Breaking Dawn songs Ive added (Rosetta-Noisettes, and Love and Loss-Two Steps from Hell). Feel free to listen to those to get you in the Breaking Dawn mood!

What are you most looking forward to for Breaking Dawn?

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  1. Of course I am looking forward to the wedding and honeymoon!!!! Yay baby!!! I also am REALLY looking forward to the scene when Bella finds out that Jacob imprints on Renesmee. I think I'll have to wait until Part 2 for that one but I am looking forward to seeing Bella freaking out and being in total control and Edward and Carlisle starting in awe. That was one of my favorite scenes in the book. :)