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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just a big THANK YOU!

Today's blog is short and simple, but means a lot!

Have a great day/evening EVERYONE!

Love, Angie
Pure Twilight

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn is just around the corner :)

How many of you cant wait for Breaking Dawn P1? Who is going to attend the midnight showing? Are you anxious to see the birth scene, wedding, honeymoon, etc.? These are just a plethera of questions we've been asking ourselves for almost a year and a half now...and guess what!? Although the wait isnt over, its certainly almost here! The Fall season is here on Friday and you know what that means?! Fall=Breaking Dawn P1 madness I am sure! While we wait from September to November, there are numberous things coming out associated with Breaking Dawn, such as the new huge DISPLAY (shown below) that will be in theatres promoting the movie everywhere starting in October!
And if that isnt enough, fans cant get enough of making edits counting down the days and weeks as well!. Two released trailers have come out along with interviews with the cast and now even crew members on Breaking Dawn and even the special effects..which I hear are supposed to be phenomenal and far outweigh any of the Twilight Saga movies thus far! Its supposed to go above and beyond what they thought was amazing CGI for New Moon when the wolves were first introduced...can you imagine!?
The crew members who worked on the special effects also said in an interview that over 1,000 special effects were used for Breaking Dawn P1 and that Bella's scene giving birth is one they are highly looking forward to. With the make-up and special effects for the scenes during her pregnancy and birth, there will be a great realism that Bella Cullen is now dying, and she looks terrible! (based on the 2nd trailer we saw. For more on the interview with the special effects crew go to:

If that isnt enough to get your vampirish cheeks grinning from 'fang' to 'fang', hear this!:
The Breaking Dawn P1 Soundtrack is slowly being revealed (I know its driving me insane too!) and this morning it was announced on Twitter that Bruno Mars will be producing a song to go on the Soundtrack. It was announced via 933FLZ Radio, that they should have the song out and on the station by the end of this month! Fans are 50/50 on the news, some saying they dont approve, and the other half saying they cant wait! My favorite announced is still Sister Rosetta-Noisettes (Capture the Spirit).

Anyway you look at it, Breaking Dawn P1 is getting closer and closer, whether its a poster here and there, a trailer or two, calendars, bookmarks, and even diehard fans keeping the wait as fun and as exciting as it can be. Hang in there Pure Twilight/Twilight Fans! The wait will soon be over! And remember:

Forever, is only the beginning!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn P1 ONLY 2 MONTHS AWAY!

Hi! Angie from Pure Twilight here!

With all the latest pics and new trailers for Breaking Dawn P1, its hard to contain myself any longer! Breaking Dawn P1 is only 2 months away!! Fans have been waiting anxiously for over a year to catch glimpses of pics, the cast, and most importantly the trailers! The first trailer for the movie was great, making Twilight fans all over the world excited and gripping the edges of their seats in anticipation for the honeymoon!
Breaking Dawn P1 First Trailer

Pics started rolling in left and right, along with collector cards, and new posters!

For more pics like these you can go to Pure Twilight on FB :)

Fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting, and although it seems like forever and a lifetime for this movie to come out, we are getting there! The Breaking Dawn P1 score soundtrack was just finished; according to director Bill Condon, and there have been 2 songs released to the public for the soundtrack, which includes:

My personal favorite is Sister Rosetta, because it reminds me of the infamous leaked video that was shown to Comic Con fans :)

Then the latest of the Twilight Breaking Dawn excitement was in my opinion the best so far! If you havent seen the second trailer for Breaking Dawn P1, I strongly urge you to do so now!!!

It made me cry, made me scream, and made me lose my breath all at once! Only us Twihards now how this is possible, lol. In this trailer, fans got to see just how sick Bella really looks as the unborn half vampire/half human baby is slowly killing her from the inside. Jacob is bound and determined to protect Bella from whatever this thing is, including going against his own pack. I would say more, but I could go on and on, so I wont. Just watch the trailer :) Ive seen it myself too many times to count!

2 months to go, 2 months until...BREAKING DAWN P1
November 18, 2011

Forever is only the beginning....

Monday, September 12, 2011


Forks, LaPush, First Beach, Port Angeles....WOW!! What a fun trip! Pure Twilight met up with Twili-fe, Our Twilight Corner, and Twilighters Dream (along with my amazing Mother and awesome sister) for a weekend trip of a lifetime! Friday night started off with dinner with my family in FORKS before we met the girls. My sister and I ate at a little cafe and it was a lot of fun :)
After dinner, we headed off towards Alice's closet, where the Bridal Shower for Bella was taking place~! There they were, all the girls from my favorite Twilight pages, getting their TP wedding dress sparkling skills on! Lisa looked radiant as a Bella Bride! (Pic hopefully to come soon, as all the really really fun ones are on my Mom's camera!, I have quite a few though!).  We all met and hung out and when it was time to go back to our hotel.....

We all got to have a Twilight party! I got my picture with the Edward cutout that Lynn from Our Twilight Corner brought along...
And I also got a gorgeous bracelet that Lisa from Twilighters Dream made me! It was all starting off to be a great weekend in Forks!
The next morning was full of shopping and fun and Breakfast at:
Then afterwards I told the girls I would be back, but I just had to drive to LaPush and go to First Beach! Let me tell you that it was the most beautiful Beach in the Northwest I have ever seen in my life! Just breathtaking!!!
Now, I must say that seeing all of Forks was amazing (for more pics you will have to visit Pure Twilight @
The Beach also had some of Jacob there as well!!!
I will have more to share soon! Also, be aware that the Forks Challenge competition for those who went to Forks, I have the perfect prize! So get those pics up guys!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Are you going to Forks?
WE are and we'd LOVE to meet you!!!!

Here is a fun challenge for those Twilighters out there that are going to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day 2011 this weekend.

We're calling it the FORKS CHALLENGE!!! Here is the challenge should you choose to accept it!
Part 1 - ACCEPT IT
You must visit all four sister pages and select "I am attending" to their Forks Challenege EVENT. Be sure to write on the wall "I ACCEPT THE FORKS CHALLENGE!"

Pure Twilight Event Link -

Twilighters Dream Event Link -

Our Twilight Corner Event Link -

Twili-fye -

The creators and admins from Twilighters Dream, Our Twilight Corner, Twili-fye and Pure Twilight will be in Forks taking part in all the SMD parties and festivies. We will also be exploring Forks and La Push looking for vampires and werewolves. ;) Each of us will be wearing customized t-shirts with our page names on them. The challege is to SPOT US and TAKE A PICTURE WITH US! You can take a picture with just one of us, two of us or ALL of us! However many of us that you spot! After taking your picture you must post it on the wall of Twilighters Dream*. Everyone who posts a picture will be assigned a number and entered into a drawing for FANGTASTIC PRIZES!

*Only those who post pictures on Twilighters Dream wall will be entered into the drawing. We also encourage you to post the picture on the Sister page of the admin who you took your picture with as well. Everyone will want to see them!! However for organizing the contest entries and assigning numbers it's easier to post on this wall because we will be overseeing the contest .*

Don't worry you will have plenty of time to post your pictures after this weekend. Twilighters Dream will be on vacation exploring the NW until Thursday, September 15th so the drawing will not happen until after she returns to Florida. She will also post updates when the deadline for submitting your photo will be so you don't miss out.

WOOHOO!!! We are soooo excited to go to Forks!! This will be so much fun!! We can't wait to see you there!!!

Sincerely, Angie of Pure Twilight and....
 Lisa, Lynn, Savanna, Olivia, Anna!!!
The Creators and Admins of Twilighters Dream, Our Twilight Corner, and Twili-fye!!



Please dont forget to visit Pure Twilight on FB as well!!/pages/Pure-Twilight/130203210385938

OK guys! In only 3 short days I will be off to FORKS to meet some of the most amazing girls I know for the first time! I have been packing and worrying and packing and worrying, and it occurs to me...this is the first weekend I have had without my two children! Dont get me wrong, I love my kids more than life itself.. They are like Renesmee to me no doubt about it, one of a kind they both are, but I am so ready to just be an adult and have fun for the weekend! All Twilight Mom's understand exactly what I am saying. :) I took my daughter to the store today and we went crazy in the makeup section, afterall, I wanna get my sparkle on! (as Lynn from Our Twilight Corner would say). So I bought sparkle glitter, lipstick, lashes, you name it! I even scored a beautiful bracelet for only 1.00 that reminded me of Bella :)
 I felt like a young girl again when I saw it, all shiny and sparkly and whitish in color..I paused in the aisle, wondering if anyone was watching. I am a 28 yr old woman and I am holding this sparkly bottle in hand like a 15 yr old, lol. I almost put it back and then I thought, "to heck with it!, I am going to FORKS for Stephenie Meyer Day, when will I have the chance to sparkle like this ever again?!" So I put it in the cart, with a big smile on my face, not caring who was looking.
I also ended up getting a purse, and some other fun things to go along with my Twilight adventure, and I must say I was honestly surprised when my husband called and I told him all about it, that he seemed very excited for me to go and have a good time, get a break from being a TWIMOM all the time. He likes the Twilight movies a lot, but he wouldnt ever admit it to anyone, lol. I am proud to have him as my 'Edward'.

Anyhoo, back to FORKS...I leave Friday around 11:30 a.m., and get to embark on a wonderful adventure! I live in central WA so it isnt that far, around a 6-7 hr drive (we also might take the Edmonds Ferry). The girls from Our Twilight Corner, Twili-fye, Twilighters Dream, will be meeting up Thursday! Lisa is coming all the way from Florida! What a long way to come and what a TWIHARD! (I say this in the most endearing sweetest way possible, because I love that she is finally getting to have her dream come true!) They will be traveling from Oregon from there, and I will be coming from Moses Lake, WA. When we get to Forks the first thing I am going to do is look for my Twilight Girls! From Bella's Bridal Shower, to the The St Marcus Day Festival, Cullen Baseball, all the Twilight shops and neat things to look at, and squishing my toes into the sand at First Beach, I will be in TWILIGHT HEAVEN! I strongly urge any of you to come this weekend! It will be PURE TWILIGHT!

About my Twilight girlfriends from Our Twilight Corner, Twilighters Dream, and Twilifye coming to FORKS:
Its been a wonderful adventure getting to know them over the course of the last 7 mos (OME has it been 7 mos. already!!???) and I truly wouldnt be going to FORKS come Friday if it werent for them. I am lucky enough to have these girls to share Twilight with, and just thank you!! Love you all!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love this scene! Enjoy!

Got my Contacts for FORKS and other Twilight Stuff to talk about!

Hi guys! Getting a few last minute things ready for Forks and I check the mail and Voila'!! My honey colored contacts came in the mail! I can now vamp it up in FORKS! The picture doesnt do these contacts justice, they almost appear to be darker in the photo, but when I looked into the mirror they almost glowed! I am so excited to wear them and the red cape for the St. Marcus Day celebration for Stephenie Meyer Day!

Anyhoo,  life is great and I cannot believe that we only have around 2 1/2 mos left until Breaking Dawn P1 makes its way into theatres and our hearts EVERYWHERE! I am so excited to see Bella pregnant, and Edward for once in his existence truly at an impasse, just a wreck! Not that I want Edward to feel bad, but I think to see his character as he was in the book while Bella is dying, will make him seem more 'once human' than he's ever been before. Its Bella's turn to step up and be the hero of the story! Last but oh so certainly not least: Rose and Jacob's banter, Renee's exuberance for the wedding, and Bella and Jacob's dance are just some of the many things I am stoked for! In my playlist are a few Official Breaking Dawn songs Ive added (Rosetta-Noisettes, and Love and Loss-Two Steps from Hell). Feel free to listen to those to get you in the Breaking Dawn mood!

What are you most looking forward to for Breaking Dawn?