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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn P1 ONLY 2 MONTHS AWAY!

Hi! Angie from Pure Twilight here!

With all the latest pics and new trailers for Breaking Dawn P1, its hard to contain myself any longer! Breaking Dawn P1 is only 2 months away!! Fans have been waiting anxiously for over a year to catch glimpses of pics, the cast, and most importantly the trailers! The first trailer for the movie was great, making Twilight fans all over the world excited and gripping the edges of their seats in anticipation for the honeymoon!
Breaking Dawn P1 First Trailer

Pics started rolling in left and right, along with collector cards, and new posters!

For more pics like these you can go to Pure Twilight on FB :)

Fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting, and although it seems like forever and a lifetime for this movie to come out, we are getting there! The Breaking Dawn P1 score soundtrack was just finished; according to director Bill Condon, and there have been 2 songs released to the public for the soundtrack, which includes:

My personal favorite is Sister Rosetta, because it reminds me of the infamous leaked video that was shown to Comic Con fans :)

Then the latest of the Twilight Breaking Dawn excitement was in my opinion the best so far! If you havent seen the second trailer for Breaking Dawn P1, I strongly urge you to do so now!!!

It made me cry, made me scream, and made me lose my breath all at once! Only us Twihards now how this is possible, lol. In this trailer, fans got to see just how sick Bella really looks as the unborn half vampire/half human baby is slowly killing her from the inside. Jacob is bound and determined to protect Bella from whatever this thing is, including going against his own pack. I would say more, but I could go on and on, so I wont. Just watch the trailer :) Ive seen it myself too many times to count!

2 months to go, 2 months until...BREAKING DAWN P1
November 18, 2011

Forever is only the beginning....

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